Sunday, 29 April 2012

Sunday, 25 March 2012

James' Little Walk

In April I will be doing a walk to raise funds help my good friend, Kaki Nightingall, whose husband, Howard, was best man at my wedding.

In 2008 Kaki was diagnosed with ALS which is a type of Motor Neurone Disease.

The average life expectancy of an ALS patient is between two and five years from onset of symptoms.

As there is no health care system in the States, Howard and Kaki’s family have to find the funds for Kaki’s care.

Kaki now lives in America with her elderly parents and requires 24 hour care whilst Howard lives in Austria with their two teenage children, Julian and Georgina. Whilst he would obviously like to be with Kaki, the only way he can contribute to her care is by working in Vienna where he has regular work. Unfortunately, he would have very little earning power in USA.

Howard and Kaki’s friend Pete Turvey is doing a 12 day 192 mile walk to raise funds for Kaki’s care. I will be joining him on one of those days and would very much appreciate it if you could ‘sponsor’ either me or Pete to help fund Kaki’s care over what will very likely be the last few months of her life.

If you are able to help, any funds you provide will be used directly for her care.

You can pledge to myself or Pete or donate directly at